Come closer to the secret …..

Driven by stories of life, stories of love, sadness and happiness they always loved the world of creating with melodies, harmonies, rhythm and words. Looking for new boundaries in pop and rock. Combining rootsy guitars with poetic lyrics and strong dynamics. Working with loud drumbeats to intime soft percussion. Letting the lyrics and music speak. Inspired by the grassland of North Holland, the woods in the south of Holland they travel with their music from Amsterdam to LA, from Seattle to Nashville to find their own roots in music. Enjoying and loving the medium music to write that new story and to write that new musical book or novel.

With the Secret they found an ultimate musical collective which can surf over the thin lines and waves of alternative rock and pop. Always looking for the new and psychedelic edges, gliding the waves of sound and inspired by dreams and reality. For the Secret there are no concessions, no limits and no rules in music. They play and write out of (our) their huge experience as musicians and out of their ups and downs in life with the heart and soul. Music is everything for them and they love to explore in the secret field of music which they call The Secret.

You can call their music, cinematic, atmospheric, deep, pure and honest. In creating the music, they feel very emotional and deliver a style which is sweet and graceful but at the same time threatening and dangerous.

The Secret is alive,

10 years now, 40 seasons.

Come closer to the Secret

The Secret is

Influenced by; Psychedelic film music, Alternative pop, Psychedelic rock, Experimental rock, Art rock. 

The Secret is

Inspired by; 

Pink Floyd, Nick Cave, Ray Lamontagne, Mark Lanegan, Sigur Ros.

The Secret is 

A creator, writer together with super experienced rootsy musicians.

An Amsterdam Nashville songwriter, drummer, producer together with two great other producers/musicians.

The Secret is

 A collective;

Experienced musicians with their own sound, pros since 90 s

The Secret is

Rob Klerkx vocals, ac guitar, piano, drums

Ruard Sanders guitars

Edwin van Mook keys

Come closer to the secret …..



Robby and the Secret.
+31 622905061

M.A.R.S Label Group USA

1014 West 31st Street
Austin – TX 78705 (USA)
PHONE +1 (512) 354-0868

Emmalaan 17
3881 MS Putten (NL)
PHONE +31 6 14191760